Sunday, January 15, 2012

KGN Reconnaisance and Forward Plans

Today I was playing a Napoleonics game at the club versus Jez, and more about that in a future post as it'll come with a lot of photo's; but whilst I was there there was a lot of discussion about the Nightowls direction in the coming year and the shows we would be doing, whilst Mark and Andy had a run through of one of those games.

The club intends taking a new direction this year and getting out there a lot more; whilst we've mainly been known in the past as part of the Gaming Club Network, demoing Flames of War (interminably)  and for putting on shows at Gamesday, this year we are moving towards a more varied and historical slant, with plans to appear at Vapnartak, Triples, Partizan, Fiasco, recon and possibly WarTorn and Battlegroup North (attendance at Gamesday is still presumed...)  Games should include The Zulu War, my own Yugoslavian project and Kampgruppe Normandy: WW2.

To that end Mark and Andy had a test of one of the scenario's from the rules; Screening Cagny (p.125):

The chaps set up the battlefield as per the scenario, on a 6 feet square table and quickly disposed of two squadrons of Sherman tanks in a race across open fields at the defending battery of 88mm gun.  They reset and took the view of a more seasoned commander and sent the Shermans in via the woodland on their left.

The result this time took longer and cost the Germans a gun or two but ended with the same group of destroyed tanks.  It is a good scenario to play at shows, as the reset time is minimal and a game can be played with explanation in well under an hour.

The thing, as I keep banging on to the club is, to improve the display terrain; this was a good looking club game, for us, but it would never grace a glossy wargames magazine, and this would be one of the indicators of success.  Getting into a rag.

I suppose I'm going to have to take my role in all of this and get involved with another terrain project....

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  1. A agree that for both figures and terrain show standard is a fair bit higher than club standard.

    Having said that it would be a great shame if a club was put off taking part in a show because the bar was set too high. If a club puts something on that looks half decent and engages with the public that is good enough for me.