Saturday, January 14, 2012

French Line Artillery

"God is on the side with the best artillery."
- Napoleon

Napoleon introduced the 6lb cannon to French service after Marengo, where a shortage of artillery and the deficiencies of the previous Gribeauval weapons determined that a new calibre was required.  Though in fact many of the initial guns were in fact captured pieces.

Two 6lb guns with crew in a mix of standard uniform and greatcoats.

My line artillery represents part of a battery as it may have appeared in the early period of the Peninsular, though I hold my hands up to the fact that the models, being Perry, are perhaps more appropriate to the later period.

Being my first Napoleonic unit in a good six months, I quite pleased with the results, and I'm inspired to get more done.  After all, at some stage I need to add a howitzer to the battery to finish it!


  1. Excellent artillery. I feel it is time I painted some more artillery too. Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. Nice work; hahah, so you managed 6 months, but you know you had to come back...:)! Dean

  3. Great work, two very different sets of poses, you've done very well with the painting!

  4. Nice painting, Perry do make some great looking figures!!

  5. Very well painted. I like the Perry's a lot, but as you said, they're more appropiate for a later war period than the Peninsular campaign

  6. Few manufacturers actually make the guns big enough. Bicorne did a nice range where the wheels were the right size. Those though look quite nice.