Monday, April 04, 2011

Yet again, an unavoidable silence

Too Much Lead is in the wars, figuratively anyway.

This weeks minor crisis as been some filthy virus infecting my home PC and making all use of the Internet impossible since Tuesday.  This has curtailed all efforts to maintain normal operations, and yet there is so much to record!  Aside from gaming and painting projects, I have news on two new club moves and some other new projects to report.

But I can't, until my poor sick PC is saved!

Normal service, will I assure you be resumed soon.  A deluge of posts shall be forthcoming once everything is back on line.

Stay tuned!

(Update: My IT expert informs me the damage is terminal.  The hard drive is to be reformatted and life can move on!)


  1. Safe mode (I am assuming Windows here) and a recent copy of malwarebytes on a flash drive would be a good start on getting rid of the virus.

  2. We are eagerly awaiting the "deluge".

    -- Jeff

  3. Sorry to hear about the terminal problem but it's a fact of life now with the internet, looking forward to some updates.

  4. I feel your pain. It happened to me a couple times. Looking forward to reading the updates.

  5. Heya

    Unecessary headache to be sure not to mention tremendous waste of time... that said usual time spent idling away on the computer can be put to better use behind the paint desk...

    Stil hope you get it sorted and routine re-asserts itself without to much further trouble.