Thursday, April 28, 2011

They Think it's all Clover...

Time and ingenuity will allow me to circumvent any problem, even if it is rather laborious. Consider the following a teaser for better things to come; but folks, we have images!

Well one, and it's a little blurry, but it is from my mobile phone!

Obviously there has been a lot of time for painting in the last month, what with not being able to spend time on the internet of an evening pursuing all the time consuming junk the web generously provides. Some of that time has been spent on completing my Anima Tactics models. I now have a respectable team of 250 levels assembled.

Sophia Ilmora was already part finished for my game a few weeks back , but I completed her after the game. Added to that I managed to pick up another Type 005 and the Black Sun leader, Clover. Both of these have just been completed.

Clover in particular was a challenge, trying to get smooth highlights (which I know you can't see yet; better photos will follow in time) on the clothes and working on the fine details. The sculptors make no concession to painters, the work here is in scale and dazzlingly fine. sadly I did cock up the coat in one fairly obvious spot. On quality photo's it seems really obvious so I may go back and try to touch it up.

Overall I'm pretty pleased with these, and have a game lined up to try them in too.

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