Sunday, May 10, 2009

Out of Practice...

It seems that if I want to set optimistic expectations beforehand and then have them crash to earth in spectacular failure; I can do little worse than set myself a painting goal for while I'm out on the winter season.

Once again the blend of working/snowboarding by day, usually also working in the evenings and then the easy temptations of a cheap bar - not to mention terrible accomodation space and lighting, resulted in precisely FOUR painting sessions over the course of the last 5 months. I can't pretend to be surprised though, and at least this time I've actually finished some figures.

So here are the first half of a unit of ACW Union infantry - The 27th New York.

As can be seen from the close ups below, some of the work is a little grubby, the blue jackets in particular do not look so good under the microscope. But those parts were done in less than ideal conditions.

Still given the actual size of the mini's I think some of the later detailing I managed is ok. And when based up properly I'm sure they will look fine.

As an aside, I'm rather taken with the old-school, toy soldier finish of the bases, something very traditional about how they look at the moment.

And so this brings me to the Pledge once again, for it's second year. Trawling the forums I find the pledge is alive and well, in various guises. So I signed up to the same one from last year, and I may as well keep you informed of the progress here. Well it is pretty obvious from the above what I've achieved, but here goes:
Figures bought: 0
Figures sold: 0
Figures painted: 9
I aim to start the rest of this unit in the coming days, but as I leave France on Thursday, and need to set up home in the UK again in the next two weeks, progress is unlikely to be fast.
Still, things are shifting into their summer pattern again.

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