Saturday, May 02, 2009

New posts are obviously lacking

I know, it's not a good showing in the last two or more months; and this doesn't really serve to do much more than refresh my blog's status on other peoples blogs/in their minds. Still it is a slightly relevant post.

I'm still in France, covering some odd jobs until the end of May at present. But as last year, thoughts are turning back to gaming. Today I even managed to visit my first gaming shop in five months, whilst hanging around in Annecy. My only purchases, after some garbled French, was a few packs of Pirates cards; ideal for allowing me to test the Trafalgar rules; which I hope to do so, in a solo fashion in the next few days.

Additionally in the last couple of months I managed to read two Paddy Griffiths' books on the American civil war: "Battle Tactics of the American Civil War" and another illustrated one whose title escapes me but is basically the same. Both are very good and Paddy does a convincing job of dispelling the myths that have developed in relation to the war and why it was fought the way it was. Both good reads too.

Anyway; there is a glimmer of gaming hope on the horizon; but for now I must return to the mountains.

A demain....

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  1. When you eventually return from the mountains to brady look to the horizon and you will see i now have a wargames table so would be delighted to host a few games if you can make it to the south bfd area.

    paul ;)