Thursday, December 11, 2008

A visit to Grimsby

Before heading back over to France I was able to pop in to my old club in Grimsby, home to several bloggers well known, or otherwise, to my readers, and where I spent the first fifteen years of my wargaming time.

Many familiar faces were in which was pleasing, and moreover a selection of games were going on, giving me both plenty to talk about (catching up on as much banter and such as the actual games) and photograph.

The first game was an AK47 Republic, contemporary Africa game, featuring Martin Buck and Dave Tuck's armies on the older club terrain boards, with plastic vivarium trees for jungle and my old cardboard West-African buildings. They've survived pretty well for being made from cereal boxes and plasticard over ten years ago...

Another game on was a 15mm 18th century game. I can't really say much more about the details, it could be historical forces or hypothetical ones, but the game seemed based on a scenario in the BattleGames magazine (which I must admit, I saw for the first time on this visit; it seems like a good read, I may have to see if I can buy some back issues on the net...).

However the centrepiece of the evening was a World War One game being staged downstairs on an eight by ten foot layout in glorious 28mm.

The game featured Paul Robinson (AKA Grimsby Wargamer), Mark Alcock, and others playing over the fantastic terrain created by Mal Taylor (a master of the art).

Look at this spectacular ruined church!

A 'period' photograph...

Mal's attention to detail is remarkable many of the buildings are interchangable on modualar bases that blend in to the table, and can be replaced with trenches too. Mal was always notorious for looking at other peoples work on his terrain board and going "well, it's good, but it's not what I had in mind." A perfectionist doing his best work.

Lastly a survey of the battle itself, two battalions of British and American infantry accompanied by a tank and a rolling barrage assaulted the temporary defenses of a German battalion. The fist assault faltered but the second made rapid progress. The village was stormed late in the evening. Here we see Kapitan Robinsohne surveying his forces....

Overall an nice opportunity to catch up. Until next time folks....


  1. Many thanks Dean. It was good to see you again and maybe next time we can get a game arranged for you.

  2. It was good to see you I didnt realise the AK 47 buildings came from your stable! Very nice for their age a bit like the club really.........

    Dave T

  3. Nice report and pics Dean. I don't think I was there that week.

    Hope you'll drop by again soon. We'll all be glad to see you.

  4. Yes, you should definitely read Battlegames. Among other things, each issue has a "Tabletop Teaser" scenario from Charles S. Grant. I just got my copy of the latest issue today, and quite enjoy it.

  5. Actually I think Mal T just Said "thats not quite what I had in mind"