Monday, December 01, 2008

Very last game of the year...

This one was definately it for me. On my last visit to the Night Owls, myself and regular, Ross, had a 1000pt game of 40k. The scenario ended up as kill points with the Dawn of War set up. the forces were my Orks against his Necrons, an army I'd never faced before.

As the rules for the scenario permitted we both picked a HQ and two troops choices to start the battle the rest being in reserve. For me that meant a mob of Boyz and a Mob of Nobz (made a Troops Choice on the grounds of a Warboss being part of the army) with a Bigmek carrying the Kustom forcefield of cheese (5+ cover save to everyone!)

Ross began with his lord and two units of Warriors, Nothing sensational but good stand off and shoot troops.

And stand and shoot they did, from the very back of the table, but as I'd been allowed to deploy first and per the rules I was only 18 inches away from him and moving first could sacrifice shooting to close distance quickly. The one round of shooting my lads endured killed a few Boyz but couldn't stop the Nobz.

To Ross' horror we called a big Waagh and got into close assault on turn two, wiping out one unit and leaving the other locked in combat, one they would ultimately win; but by now my reserves were arriving - en masse.

With Tanks, Killer Kans, Deffcopters and more Boyz led by the Warboss on the way, Ross could sense disaster, he came very close to conceeding on turn two.

He managed to hold the line a little longer and another of his units (IIRC, Immortals) arrived. Sadly just in time to take a hit from the Nobz. Although it was a close fight, the Orks won, and for the second time in the game a terrible morale roll for the Necrons saw them try to flee from the fight, get caught on a poor initiative roll and be wiped out. This time when Ross' hand was offered I shook it, as there was no need to prolong his agony any further.

A somewhat shell-shocked Ross considers what he could possibly have done to avoid a disaster...
And so that was that. I think it is fair to say the scenario gave me the edge in this one unwittingly, the Necron firepower could have easily done for the Orks, but in the event it came down to controlling the close assault phase once again.
I'm putting the Orks to bed now of course, so when I get back to playing games the heady days of their constant victories will be far behind me!

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