Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The end of Sparta

Well, for now anyway; all the toys are out the proverbial pram.

Over the weekend I had to pack up the painting table, and the last of the wargaming figures; to put into storage. The successes from the painting table were limited in the last month or so. I did finish another Necromancer model, and some other scraps. But there were only two major successes; firstly there was a small army of Russian WW2 infantry and a couple of tanks for my buddy Chris. And secondly I managed to finish the blooming Spartans.

In fact it was at the eleventh hour, literally. I finished them on Friday night, knowing they needed to be packed up on Saturday morning. Those bloody Old Glory Thracians! Awful, demotivating figures.

Anyway, as you can see below I managed to grab a few snaps before finally sent them to familial loft based oblivion.

An all infantry army of almost bang on 2000 points, they feature 68 Hoplites, 30 Thracians, 26 skirmishers and the 3 fates (The oracle). A total of 127 figures.

The mass of heavy infantry. More horrible to paint but cheap to buy Old Glory at the front, backed up by Black Tree miniatures and a couple of rogue Foundry figures.

Slingers and Javelinmen, bought second hand and then repainted, these figures turned out to be some 28 years old. But aside from a lack of poses they look alright.

Finally the last of the Thracians; I won't be painting any more of these in a hurry.

So that's them finished. And now the table is bare; oh so very bare. In two weeks time as of today, I set off with the wife for the French Alpes; to run a snowboarders chalet for the winter season. This is a wargaming blog, and gaming is my passion I guess; but snowboarding is my other passion, and certainly one that a golden opportunity has arisen for.

This isn't farewell by any means, but games are going to be thin on the ground until I return to jolly old England in May 2008. Over the winter months I have a Dwarven army to keep me busy when time allows (or more accurately, money to go to the pub is expired, or what they call whiteout conditions prevail and sitting round the chalet is the only option), and hopefully Chris will supply a few shots from the Leeds club for me to post.

Other wise, tomorrow night is my last wargame for six months.



  1. Good luck friend and keep the paints warm so that they don't freeze!

  2. I shall miss the updates, but I envy you for the change of pace you're going to experience over the next few months...