Monday, July 16, 2007

More news of Sparta

Well, time for another update; I've been getting on with these chaps, though progress has not been as fast as I'd have liked.

My aim is to do the army of the northern campaigns of Brasidas around 424 bc. To that end I need Thracians, so here's a unit of them:

It's an opportunity for me to put some colour in the army, as the Thracians loved vibrant colours and patterns.
In the rules the Thracians look pretty handy too, with Halberds (the Romphia), javelins and shields; with the ability to switch between formed and skirmish formations.
The figures however are not the prettiest, being Old Glory, and not their best work. Cheap at £21 for 30 but overly chunky. The mix of poses is ok, but could be better.
Previously I'd managed to knock out ten more hoplites (no photo's yet), a small unit of bowmen and an oracle - an important part of the WAB rules for Greek armies, but usually not represented by very much.

I decided to have a go at some sculpting for this, so the gory sacrifice is all my own work.
Sadly it came out looking more like a dog, than the goat or lamb I hoped for, but then again, I've only really sculpted vehicles in the past, and I couldn't very well put a gutted armoured car on the column, now could I?!

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