Friday, July 13, 2007

Debut victory for painted models!

If your anything like me as a gamer then the title of this entry is surely a contradiction in terms.
But this was the rarity that proved the rule. Generally putting newly painted models on the table is a sure sign they'll attract the deadliest fire from the enemy, and last a matter of minutes. An entire army therefore should've been suicidal.

In fact the game was a huge victory for the 'Emperors Triarius', his Third Line.

Chris was struggling mind, his army didn't feature new paint jobs, but the new army list for the Blood Angels, his favourite 40K army, was quite different from the previous edition, he had a lot to learn, and many new restrictions to consider. When else would a Marine player field a squad of five, with no heavy weapon? When the rules say they have to, that's when!

There is a flip side though, Blood angels can now pick Assault marines as regular troops, so they can go assault heavy. Chris selected a squad of ten of them. Their vehicles have got cheaper too.

My scouts were able to assault the tactical squad, which would never have happened normally - the scenario we were playing was a raid, and they were able to get in close on their second turn. The tactical squad on the defense got whacked; and the scouts moved on to try and blow up the objective. My Terminators arrived in time to intercept the approaching assault squad.

It was an inferno as the Terminators let loose with two heavy flamers, the assault squad then got wiped out when they ran down the hill to get them, unlucky!

One thing you could rely on however was Space Marine missile launchers not hitting a thing all game; don't waste time looking at that auspex my friend, it won't help you any...

The Librarian leading my force worked with my Dreadnought and the heavy weapons team left in reserve, was able to deal with the Razorback and Death company in the Rhino arriving as reserves themselves. The Chaplain ended up as the only survivor. Though my scouts were gunned down by a land speeder. The Librarians tactical squad went forward, whilst the Terminators were ordered to stop the Chaplain at all costs.

A Baal Predator also arrived for the Blood angels but proved staggering incapable of doing much in the way of harm. It redeployed out of close range, trying to take down one of my support squads, but the Dread' was able to cut it open like a tin can! It was becoming a disaster for the Blood Angels.

The Marine squad with the Librarian made it to the objective, whilst the Chaplain was blocked. Chris knew his only hope was to get me off the objective; so, with his final reserves - another land speeder, he tried to gun the tactical marines down. He failed however, and the objective was flattened on the last turn.

Well for me it was a great game. I'm afraid for Chris (for whom this may be the first issue of my blog he gets to see) it was a bitter defeat and a steep learning curve. Thankfully, it was only a 'training' mission, so his losses were only virtual. But losses nonetheless.

Well, it was the only force I could play painted, I have just over a thousand points completed and another thousand to add; but it functioned very well. Particularly handy were the teleport homers I invested in, my Terminators arrived exactly where I needed them. Also the Dreadnought punches well above it's weight with the autocannon.

It's nice to win one for a change.

Next week is a game of Warhammer Ancients, so it should be a swift return to form!

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