Sunday, December 03, 2006

Pudsey Recon

Wakefield and Osset wargamers run a show the first weekend in December, which because of it's proximity (less than 5 miles from my place) is one of the few I actually attend.

Its a small show, but usually well attended. As far as sales, I noticed that 28mm is easily the widest available scale at the show, with 15 & 20mm distant seconds and 10/12mm probably third. Sadly none of the books I'd hoped to find, but many figures, including some ex-Grenadier medieval cavalry at a quid a figure, a nice find!

Although there were a few games downstairs, they were mainly fantasy demos, promoting figure sales as much as anything. Upstairs was where the historicals were.

The guy I'd taught WAB to was there with his schoolkids and a small game of 28mm dark ages. Nicely painted too considering they were done by a bunch of 11-13 year olds. One could see why they were in a wargames club and not on the football team, I think we've all been there at some point! anyway...

A highly attractive game of the desert war in 28mm (1/48th scale) was put on by the Ilkley club. Well, to be fair, I loved the look of the vehicles; especially the Italian tanks and a stunning Matilda. But the wargamery paint style of the figures (Really exaggerated shading and highlights) left the infantry looking like burns victims. A shame as from a distance, and up close for the scenery and vehicles, everything looked great.

An English covil war game, put on by some ECW re-enactors, nice figures in 28mm.

I had to laugh at the pained expressions that came over the faces of these guys when a wargames bore came over and started telling them how wrong their game was - "Too many dragoonss you know, I've been researching this period and most of the units fielded as dragoons were actually dismounted cavalry or never existed..." He was the sort of guy who obviously didn't like to listen nearly so much as he liked to talk, He slowly moved from stand to stand spouting his guff to whoever would stand and take it.

In terms of numbers, the biggest game there was this Napoleonic slugfest, I'd guess a thousand figures. To my mind deployed more like a parade than a battle, but impressive.

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