Saturday, December 23, 2006

Finished another one...

Begun about the time of the 7th edition release of Warhammer (Late September in my case) This is my Orc and Goblin army as it now stands.

281 figures in total so far.

Including 20 cavalry, and a bunch of monster sized critters and characters.

I've still a few figures to add to a couple of units, a chariot to paint, and another unit of Orc bows - if I can be bothered!

The warboss on the right is a 40K ork with Ogre arms. I was quite pleased with how the Battle For Skull Pass Troll came out.

BFSP goblin spears, 36 as a single unit. The only way to field goblins is in huge units.

Goblin wolf riders, an absolute pig to paint

Ogres, easy by comparison.

Savage orcs. Actually painted sometime back around 1996!

Spider riders, fun to paint, but slow to finish.

Goblin Shaman, another old figure but a favourite of mine.

That's the last output this year I reckon. And what a productive year this was: a Republican Roman army in 20mm, a New Kingdom Egyptian in 15mm, a Japanese Imperial Army in 20mm, and the Orcs and Goblins in 28mm. About 900 painted figures. Additionally I expanded my Medievals, Rebased my ECW parliamentarians, started an ECW royalist army (100 figures so far), touched up my Vampire Counts army, and did about 200 WW2 sales and commision pieces. I can't really complain! I hope next year goes well too...

Merry Xmas folks!

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