Sunday, August 13, 2006

Freshening up old armies

With the immenent release of 7th ed. Warhammer Fantasy, I dug out one of my oldest, ugliest armiest and refreshed the figures.

to be fair the characters and cavalry were all new and fairly recently done; the elite infantry were a few years old, but competantly finished. However the rank and file skeletons in my Vampire Counts army looked rotten. They were some 18 years old, crudely painted and badly based.

The full array; being Vampire counts this small number of figures is worth over 3000 points.

To freshen them up, I repainted the dismal shields and drybrushed the bones white - to hide a dreary brown wash that had failed when first tried, and been left ever since. Simply finished I think the army looks pretty good now; tabletop standard only, but not bad nonetheless. The main thing that draws this army together is the cohesive basing scheme. An extremely simple one, just a layer of filler for texture, painted green and drybrushed yellow.

Black Knights, converted from Empire knights and Skeleton Horsemen. Black Tree Ghouls in the background.

For a weeks work, I've got a 3000 piont selection and something I can stick straight on a table in a GW shop without feeling ashamed. They won't win any prizes, but they'll play well enough!

A Banshee supports my only recently painted Skeleton unit.

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