Thursday, August 31, 2006

Down the tubes

Airfix are bust once again; not for the first time either. Sad news to some in the hobby; I've found their stuff to be woefully dated of late, and their efforts to flog cheap Russian Sci-fi wargaming seemed desparate and misguided. I find it hard to credit their claims of there no longer being a market for model kits, when one sees the explosion in kit firms on the market, and last year had the highest number of new releases of 1/72 scale plastic figure packs Ever.

I feel that Airfix have failed to move with the times, the ardent modeller is an adult now, and wants precise scaled, accurate kits with photo-etched parts and so on. Their models never held up detail wise, barring a small number of exceptions. Kids may not be into models, but there's obviously a tonne of money in the market that they failed to exploit.

My main worry is that as a user of enamel paints, I may finally have to switch to acrylics. If Humbrol don't surface from this debacle, I'm going to have to look elsewhere for a solution; thing is I've yet to be convinced by acrylics, having tried and disliked GW paints years ago. I may have to switch to Revell enamels for a while, or try Vajello...

Life will go on, I'm not sentimental for a badly moulded Spitfire, but I'm sure many are...

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