Thursday, May 18, 2006


So the Japanese battalion was swiftly finished, I was getting ready to start the Samurai when I spotted this on a DBA related webpage:

"Scheduled as a substitute for the cancelled Fiasco convention, DBAL is a
DBA 15mm competition using version 2.2 of DBA organized by the Leeds Wargames Club for club members and players around the region. It will be held on Saturday, 17th June 2006 (n.b. the only Saturday in June when England will
not be playing a game in the World Cup) at the New Headingley Club, St Michaels
Lane Headingley, Leeds 6. The event runs from 11am to about 5.30pm.
Cost will be £3 per player. Contact Trevor Bavage on 0113 2759762 or

Well, that's me suckered in! I had a pile of 15mm ancients lying around awaiting painting, so now a new army (thankfully only 50 odd figures) is on the painting table taking shape. Can I get them ready in time? I reckon so, I've got 4 weeks...

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