Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Another defeat at the hands of a kid...

Yes, a foray into the local GW shop produced the usual results; my beautifully painted, and lovingly crafted eldar, were thrashed by a bunch of troops who still smelt of undercoat. To be fair to him, the one figure he had painted so far was nicely done, and the models were all well made. But that was all. I don't want to sound like some puritannical paint facist; because I'm not - it took me fifteen years to become a competant painter, longer than many GW players have been on Earth - however, it is always the way that the uglier the army, the more assured it is to pound me.

As you can see I got one good photo of my Eldar Fire Prism, the only thing to survive the game, and worth every point I paid for it. That aside being outnumbered 5 vehicles to 1 was the deathknell for me.

Also bad news was the previews of lots of new Eldar models, temptation again. Another reason why I only venture in a GW shop once every few months.

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