Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Grand Manner Spanish House


As far as I can understand, Grand Manner normally only sell their models painted, But James S scored a couple of their models a little over a year ago in a sale, at a fair price.  Fairer still he passed them on to me, on the condition that I paint and use them in any future games we manage. 

Those may yet be some way off, but at least I have finally had time to put brushes to one of the models:

Front - Stan for scale
 This is a heck of a chunk of Resin, weighing in at 1.4 kilo's!  As you can see from Stan, the 28mm man, it has a significant footprint too.  Given GM only appear to sell these painted, it puts their £174 asking price into perspective.  I feel very lucky now to get this, even conditionally, free.

The painting here was simple, After a black undercoat I base-coated the whole model in a light pinkish-tan (flesh-tone really).  After that the stucco was dry-brushed sloppily up to white in about four graduated layers, which also covered every other detail except the roofs.  Then glazes of colour were applied to the exposed stone and wood work, dealing with most of the rest of the work.  The roof and ground were both simple dry-brush jobs, in my usual fashion.  Mostly craft paints were used.

Despite the cheap materials and quick work, I'm pleased with the results.  There is one careless error, but I didn't spot it until half way through the painting process, and as I'd assembled the model with epoxy there was little hope of reversing it.  See if you can spot it!

I hope I can get it in a game soon, though it will tower over my other Spanish buildings.



  1. Some of the shutters are too close together.

    1. Well if they are, that lies at the feet of Grand Manner, not me! Nope it's something dummer than that!

  2. Is it the chimney with tiles on top?

  3. It is a roof error though. The sloped roof above the steps is on upside down; though as the photos seem to imply, you can only spot this on close inspection.