Saturday, August 17, 2019

More Bodurians: Okhrana Grenadery Oborotni


The height of British summer....

Seems like the perfect time to paint some more winter themed models for my Bodurian army.  So here is a new company from an elite regiment; numbers are small, but each 'man' in the rank and file is a gigantic, nine-foot tall werewolf, so it isn't a problem!

Okhrana Grenadery Oborotni 
These are Tehnolog miniatures, from Russia.  54mm scaled werewolf models easily repurposed as gigantic assault troops.  They are accompanied by a couple of command figures to bring them up to a useful 6 figure group, and to provide some theme.

Company priest 
Boduria is a highly religious nation, and so most units contain a priest at a Company level.  This miniature is one of a set of Perry crusader wars monks I bought some years ago, who have popped up in many guises since.  I was quite pleased with the portraiture on the shield, not because it is high quality as such, but more as it captures the look of Russian religious icons well.
Company Ensign
This model being a simple rework of a spare Victrix French figure in a pile of bits.  As before, the flags were designed in MS Paint, and then batch printed.

I think these will run as some form of Elite infantry, or Heavy Offensive infantry in Dragon Rampant.  A fun and simple unit to paint, as the army paint style is simple flat colours and a shaded varnish.  I used real wolves as reference for the Werewolf fur patterns, and did admittedly add a little highlighting to avoid too much flat surface.

A nice little diversion.


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  1. Nice werewolf assault troops and command and I like the flag!
    Best Iain