Sunday, July 07, 2019

2nd Regiment Obchenyi Militia


I am getting far behind on updates for the blog, this can often happen, but lets catch up a little on a project I completed a month or so ago.

I had already done the prep work in a previous post, so this is just the results in a speed painting session of a rather larger unit.

36 models forming three 12 'man' ravenous horde units.

 These were pretty easy models to do, only really having the equipment I added in the build phase to complicate the paint jobs.  I opted for a khaki green with some flesh mixed in as a general base for the fleshtones; changing the value by adding more flesh about every four or five figures.  The uniform details are standard and super simple; then the whole job is brought together with the 2:1 Varnish to Strongtone glaze.

What really helps bring the models up a notch is the basing.  As is probably clear, they are dry brusehed white, but what may not show is that this is over a drybrush of sand on the otherwise unpainted sand mix, unpainted except for the glaze mix being applied to both it and the models.  The white is a frost mix achieved by adding some silver to the white paint.  This is then painted over the dirt and static grass.  

Finally snow was added, I now do this by mixing Bicarbonate of Soda with thinned down PVA glue, to produce a gloppy mix I can apply with a brush.  Then whilst still wet this is dipped in a tray of snow scatter (mine's from Gale Force Nine).  This gives a balance of depth and texture.

These therefore make for a 42 figure strong regiment, of three line companies, and a command section.  This is the last addition to the Bodurians for the present, as I have a new fantasy project to finish now, as readers will have no trouble seeing.  But there are some additions for the long term to come back to...


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