Monday, March 11, 2019

Race for your life - Gaslands once more

A little while back we had another game of Gaslands at the club, a chance for me to roll out my most recent gang cars:

 The problem I think we encounter with this game, perennially, is over ambition.  With five players, we had ten cars in a race to the finish.  And this meant a couple of things.

Firstly the start was chaos.  With that many cars trying to negotiate a start accidents and attacks were almost immediate.

And secondly, we had virtually no chance of finishing; both because of the combative chaos, and the sheer number of different turns to be resolved.

I feel I'd like to try the game with just two or three players, or with only one car each.  With more than six or so vehicles it feels like there are simply too many moving parts to complete a game.  I mean I like it somewhat, but I don't feel I'm getting a real experience as intended from it yet.

Nevertheless the game provided some priceless moments, not least the destruction of the runaway leader, in sight of the finish, by a burning hulk that crashed clean across the centre of the circuit into the leaders side.  But in some ways this is exactly what makes the multiplayer games unmanageable!



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  1. I've found out that three players with two cars each goes well. Wtih four players we had the situation you described in your game.