Thursday, June 08, 2017

Here be Gerblins...

I've been working on another batch of Reaper miniatures recently, with a view to expanding my retro-dungeon and Dragon Rampant forces in parallel.  The most recent output is the squadron of Pathfinder Goblins:

 These have a distinct look compared to the more traditional goblinoid appearance with shades of somebody familiar...

To this end I'm dubbing mine 'Gerblins' as a sub-species.

As models, I really did not enjoy the process of painting these, something about the details did not appeal.  One criticism of the Reaper Bones plastic is that the detail can be ill defined compared to the metal originals, a great many of the models were made in metal first and not everything works in the transfer to different materials.  There is a lot of layering of details here and I don't think they all pay off, they do ensure a fairly tiresome job of painting and retouching, endlessly...

Nevertheless the finished result looks alright.

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  1. Oh dear, I bought some of the "Bones" versions to go with my metal ones. Perhaps I'll simply give them away instead, as despite yours looking awesome, they do sound like a bit of a work-up!!