Monday, May 22, 2017

Conanesque - Dragon Rampant Times

Let's get back to some game recounts; myself and James T had a couple of battles of Dragon Rampant using my newly painted Conan forces, the photo's below reflect the first of the games, in which a Pictish force tried to make it's way home in the face of pursuing and ambushing undead opposition:

The field of battle.  The Picts must reach the yellow lines to escape

Undead piquets awaited the Picts in the centre of the field

the Pict animal handler has trouble stopping his charges gnawing on skeletons

Picts charge out of woodland to attack the other unit of skeletons
At this stage early in the game, the Picts had easily dispatched the skeleton vanguard.  but small groups of terrifying mummified undead were now in pursuit whilst the arch necromancer approached from the opposite end of the field with his consort and demonic guardian.

Their shaman and totemic snake were bringing up the Pict rear

By necessity the snake took shelter in a crypt when Mummies moved to attack 

Meanwhile swampy ground allowed the Necromancer to block the Picts way
 The Shaman was slain and other groups of Picts scattered, but the elite Pictish hammer warriors were able to smash past the Necromancer and his demon.  Pursued by Mummies, these and their scouts were finally able to make their escape.

The survivors flee
Thus the game concluded, with only a handful of troops left in play.  By the terms of the scenario it fell in James' favour, but with the secret quests I think the picts just edged it.  on a 5' by 4' board it could have been a little easy for the Picts  to escape, but with only foot troops on each side (Warbeasts excepted) both forces were slow enough the a small table allowed time to engage.

A good fun little game.

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  1. Cool idea for a game. Might have to look into Dragon Rampant a bit further!