Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Sold Wargames Armies are like Ex's

Sure they may have made you angry.

They may have betrayed you more than once.

They might have been a bit mad, and/or inappropriate at times.

You may look back on them know and wonder what attracted you to them at the time.

They may not seem so attractive in retrospect.

They may have cost you a fortune, and been a drain on your resources you could rationalise any better than any other of their potentially innumerable faults.

Heck, you may never have so much as played with them (ahem).

But you still miss them, sometimes.

They might be the other side of the world now, or just around the corner with a 'friend'.  But you'll see them out, or in photo's, on someone's feed, or somebody will just mention them in passing; and you'll think of them.

'Man, we had some good times'.

Even if really, there weren't.