Tuesday, August 02, 2016

French ADC

A tiny addition to the Napoleonics has been completed alongside a commission/favour for a friend that I can't show as yet.  Whilst batch painting for one task I could put a bit of effort into a small project of a junior command base for my Peninsular French - who are just about of a number to require another command stand now:

rushed photo's = poor lighting choices
 The models are a Foundry figure plucked from one of their bargain buckets, so his actual nationality is debatable, but with a lick of paint he makes an acceptable French Aide Du Camp, who perhaps has personalised his uniform somewhat.
The other chap is a Hinchcliffe Grenadier.  I definitely have a soft spot for the old Hinchcliffe models, when you consider they were sculpted from little more than Milliput (if that!) they have a timeless charm and a good eye for paintable detail.

Also finally after a few misdirections, got my basing colours right again.

Hopefully before the end of summer I can get another full unit painted for the collection, the question is whether to go French infantry, Spanish, or British Cavalry?


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  1. Funny that you should post this now. I am painting two battalions of the Hinchcliffe/Foremost figures right now. I am a huge Gilder fan and most of my Napoleonic collection is Connoisseur and Elite (designed in a Gilder-inspired style). I still purchase Hinchcliffe figures to supplement my collection and particularly love the Old Guard Chasseur and Young Guard figures "at rest" from the Foremost range.
    Thanks for posting the pictures.