Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Dungeon Dwellers

During my hiatus of the blog last year, I did initially do some painting still, but I left wargaming subjects largely behind.  What little I did was mostly from my big box of Reaper Bones miniatures, acquired back in 2013.  I've subsequently opted to pick up some of series III via a mate, and will see these at some point next year!

I digress.  The intention was to put together the makings of a classic dungeon delve - retro styled adventuring using a clone of D&D called Swords and Wizardry; which I could've saved for a Friday Freebie, as you can download the rules for nothing HERE.

(C) Mythmere Games
Of course any dungeon needs populating with monsters and critters, not to forget some NPC's and of course the heroes.  More on the latter in another post, but here at least is the start of my menagerie of evil:

Come into my dungeon please
 You know, I wouldn't trust this lady.  After a cameo some months back, this model's finally finished.

A Flesh Golem and Giant Rats

Classically styled Goblins

Their boss, a huge Orc

He get's two shots, lucky fella!

A pair of Lizardmen guard an altar

My Mummy and two Zombies

A Demonic Hound and a Giant Scorpion

Lovely, harmless Kobolds

Harryhausen-esque Skeletons
Not a bad start, though I certainly need a foul necromancer to go with this lot, and maybe a Troll or similar.  That should be plenty to keep some fresh faced heroes busy shouldn't it.

I've opted for a detailed paint job but with retro touches like not basing to speak of and as it turned out a slightly satiny varnish.  I had a blast painting these, even if some did take rather a long time to finish.  

But who will face these denizens of the world's darker recesses?


  1. Many decades ago I ran a dungeon full of kobolds . . . but not ordinary kobolds. No, it was the lair of the "Kamikaze Kobolds". Whenever they saw the party, they lowered their naginatas and charged at a +4 (ignoring defense). They were easy to kill but REALLY hurt the party (who never looked at kobolds with disdain after that.

    -- Jeff

  2. Beautifully painted figures.