Sunday, May 05, 2013

A Return to Judea

So I've finally sat down and fabricated up another batch of Jewish rebels.  The building and painting for these takes probably as long as a unit of Napoleonic British.  Now I realise why I haven't got the armys' worth of figures off their sprues yet (some 18 months after buying them).

Still they look a fine bunch finished:

For this selection, I expanded the variety of shield designs to include some with a degree of Greek influence, but otherwise they were done in the same manner as the first batch.

I now have eight bases of close fighting troops and four of massed bowmen, a long way from an army perhaps, but closer to my goal.  I've decided that the heavy troops will be in units of three or four bases normally - three giving a 180mm frontage which is about right for Hail Caesar.  This also means that if I get one more batch of this size done I can assemble four reasonable units.

However, as my Spartans might say; 'if'.


  1. "Splitters!" *grin*

    Lovely looking Judeans :)

  2. Nice, definitely captured the 'rebel' look very well!