Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Saga - Epic: Greek Battleboards

Well after some procrastination, and a few delays, the first two of my Saga Battle Boards are ready for general consumption.

Athens: The Delian League

Click for a larger view - Permission to save to your computer to print for private use granted

The Athenians are organised and strong in their classic Hoplite formations; allow your enemies to come on to you and use your superior coordination to defeat them.

Sparta: The Peloponnesian League

Click for a larger view - Permission to save to your computer to print for private use granted

A man of Sparta is worth a dozen of any other nation, and they expect the same of their allies.  Fearsome in combat and noted for their silent intimidation of their opponents.  A Spartan will always fight as if it was for his life.

All rules Remain Copyright of Tomahawk Studios and Gripping Beast, The author reserves only the right to be identified as the creator of these items.  PDF's are available on request, or even better on the blog if someone could tell me how to set such up!

I hope that these will be of some use to you folks out there, I'd love to hear what you think, and possible amendments can then be made available to all.

Coming (not very) soon (at all); Persia and Thrace.


  1. Nice! I'll try them out -- thanks for making these available.


  2. Hi there. I'm going to try to get a game in with these. I have a nice Greek force with a 'hearth guard' unit, general, two units of hoplites, a cavalry unit, Peltast unit and half a unit of bowmen skirmishers.

    I also have some GW skellies which I added to with some bronze hoplite shields from Irregular. I was thinking of using them as an army to fight the Greeks. I'm thinking of using Greek mythylogical creatures as the 'hearth guard'. Not sure what to use for the general or skirmishers though.

    Any thoughts on this?

    I'll be posting some pics on WD3 in the next couple days and will post a link here.

  3. These look interesting, gonna dust off some of my ancients and give em a try. A board for the Persians would be nice I think also.

    1. Somewhere in a dusty drawer at home, there are draft boards for Persia and Thrace that never made it to digital form. One day perhaps...