Monday, February 25, 2013

Other Club Activities...

It's gladdening to note that the Night Owls seems to have found its place once again - after some time in a wilderness of low attendance and disquiet.

Anyway, that seems behind it now, as concerted efforts by both the fantasy and the historical contingent of the club are seeing steady attendance once again.  A point that was discussed at length over the weekend at our annual AGM.  I'm not going to discuss that in detail here, regular readers will know I'm going to be cautious with anything political!

An example of the new healthier club however could be seen with the turn out on the same day as our Greek game. Granted the Yorkshire Open contributed to the turn out, but it wasn't the sole activity, and that's a good thing!

Nice to see the place busy - if anything too busy!  But we have just got use of a second larger room for free in future so it can be handled.

After the Greek game Mark rolled out his latest creation.

An Imperial Star Destroyer game mat for the Star Wars fighter combat game.  Lord only knows where Mark finds the time!

Moreover, barring a couple of bits, it's all made of nothing more than cardboard.  The lads took it to Hammerhead a couple of weeks later to positive reviews.

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