Sunday, December 16, 2012

Normandy Diorama

I had an abortive attempt to run a game of Normandy Firefight at the club a couple of weekends back. As it turned out there were simply no players to try it, all the usual commitments and life issues interfering!  I did have my Germans and all of Gazza's Brits and Terrain to hand, so for no other reason than I already set the table up, I placed the models in context for some pictures.

The overall layout for a 54mm game is a 4 foot square board.  Gazza's terrain fills the space nicely.  The buildings have excellent details to suit this style of game.

Gazza's Brits move through the terrain.  Airfix British looking really rather nice when painted properly.

A German sniper team spots the Lance Corporal in charge of the attack, and takes him down...

Surviving Brits rush the house, with a Bren and a Tommy gun to give ample covering fire.

Keeping the enemy's heads down the rush across the road.  Unaware of the MG42 team in the field up the road...

The pictures look great at least.  Next time hopefully some dice can be involved.


  1. Looks fantastic! Great photo work.

  2. Fantastic layout. Have a great Christmas.

  3. Very clever photo angles of a nice setup, thank you.