Thursday, June 07, 2012

Sale Season Again...

Time once more to move the unwanted stuff on:

One of a number of 'AK47' 15mm armies I'll be doing on eBay in the next few weeks/months:

Frankly I'm wanting space for my Jewish revolt army, and am being tempted by a couple of other games.  Playing 'AK47 Republic', or any games based in modern Africa, is not and has not for several years registering as an area of interest.  So it's time to shift them on again.

Hopefully these will sell respectably, but I don't know how popular these models will be.  I can answer that in 10 days time I guess.

[Update: these have hit their reserve and will sell, which is a relief, but there's still a week of bidding to go, so hopefully they'll make a little bit more money!]

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