Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Taking the Pledge

What wargamer doesn't buy more models than he paints I ask you? The smart wargamer does!

Now, am I a smart wargamer? Well probably not in the past, but last year I certainly restrained myself on the model buying front to some extent. As from the end of July I knew I was going abroad for six months, and had to put my life into storage. Nevertheless I bought several hundred plastic Samurai, not to mention various 28mm figures. Even with my best efforts I doubt I out-painted that lot. I ended up with less models mainly as a consequence of selling a number of them.

Now this year I return to gaming and find a "painting pledge" running on one of my favoured forums. The idea is simple, aim to paint one figure for every one you buy. Well I have plenty of unpainted lead and plastic awaiting my attention so it seemed like the right time to start.

As it happens I have bought all of 3 figures this year, which is perhaps a bad start, as it only adds to the pile; but one of the first things I did on moving house was set up a small portable painting desk in a corner of the living room - one that could be put away each night so as not to be an eyesore. As ever, putting it within sight of the TV and the wife(!) ensures I can paint when I feel like it without being accused of being antisocial; a key factor to high output. The next thing was, for both painting an gaming sake, to retrieve a selection of armies from my brother's loft.

That achieved I could at the start of June get down to painting. To date I've finished 44 figures.

Not bad going, eh.

I started small with the free Roman Legionary from Wargames Illustrated. A fine little chap that only needed a few colours to do. I backed this up with a unit of 25/28mm Frankish cavalry for my Ottonians. 8 of the chaps. Now these did not prove all that satisfying, although they finished up nicely enough, the mixture of dull, randomised shades of browns, reds and greys, finished off with a grim looking black wash was, whilst undeniably authentic looking; ugly.

I wanted to do pretty and dare one say slightly cartoonish. So there was only one thing for it. Out with the Dwarfs.

Yes, the damn things had taken up space that could have been more sensibly invested in a few more clothes when I took them to France. But now they really could get themselves painted and earn their keep. To date two units, totalling 35 of them are completed, using a three layer highlighting process, uniforms (with a slight Marlburian hint about them) and autumn themed bases. Photo’s as proof when I have them. The plastic Dwarfs are a breeze to paint too; detail is easy to pick out whilst surfaces are otherwise pleasingly clean.

So for this month so far I am 44 for 3; which represents good odds, moreover another unit is on the table, and if I can maintain the pace, I could have and entire 2000 point Dwarf army ready in around 6 weeks. Which when you only have a handful of armies to hand, is no bad thing!

Here’s to keeping my pledge.

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  1. Ah yes the "pledge".

    Something that works until you get to a show and find your cash draining through the figures faster than acrylic paint can dry.

    I'm afraid I'm one of the failed pledgees. Painting output has increased but the number of lead figures has grown faster.