Thursday, August 23, 2007

Spartan civil wars

Like a doofus, I forgot to take the camera with me last night to the Leeds club; which is a shame as not only did myself and 'Lon' have a very pretty game of Warhammer Ancients, with two well painted Greek armies (mine and his) across the table, but also - and this was remarkable - there were three other figures games in progress. A 15mm American Civil War refight, a 15mm WW2 Pacific island landing and a 'kinda looked like 20mm' Terminators vs humans sci-fi game.

As for my own game, it was a close affair not least as the two armies were virtually Identical. I ended up seconding in a few of Lon's numerous Greeks to bolster my as yet incomplete force. I ended up with:

2 units of 20 Spartans, one with the general in light armour
2 units of 24 Matineans
A unit of 15 Thracians
A unit of 10 javelinmen
A unit of 8 Cretan archers

Lon had basically the same, I think all his Hoplite units were 24 strong, but his skirmishers were weaker than mine, lacking the Thracian/Cretan edge.

The result was a classically Greek grind; both sides brushed the skirmishers aside and then lock horns for a couple of hours. Both sides had phalanxes break, but pursuits failed to wipe anything out. Up until the last turn we played I had the upper hand, having caused 50-60% losses in Lon's army. My losses were around 30%.

Alas, and as ever, my general eventually got killed; in this game it was still all to play for, as most of my army stood after news of his death; and the enemy was in only a marginal position. But as time was rolling on, I conceded the field, and withdrew in order.

A good balanced game; restores my faith in Warhammer!

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