Monday, August 19, 2019

Painting Survey: results and why your answer is correct.


Lets get into the results then of the question I spammed out a while ago:

So a decent response, statistically viable I think.  Whilst some people quibbled the question, or felt they couldn't classify their personal approach within the range of options, the results are fairly clear.

As wargamers we generally try to paint our models, but the standard aspired to sits somewhat in the upper-middle level. 

Marginally most popular is what I called Army Painter; which could also be termed the Dip Technique back in the day.

Which has the advantage of producing decent results very easily, especially for massed troops, and the disadvantage of looking a little grubby, and being considered cheating by stuck-up snobs.

Next most popular is what I termed three-layer, and could easily be called 'I want my models to look like the ones in Wargames Illustrated'.

Now I personally am not a fan of this look, but when done well it can be properly impressive.  Like I say, this for Historical gamers tends to be the aspirational standard.

Quite a way behind are the extremes of presentation; GW style being a strong third, and within this I include the higher painting quality advocated by many fantasy gaming systems.

Then there were the people honest enough to admit they paint in this realm of 'quality'.

Okay so that one is not, great; admittedly.  But at least it is done.  Better than nothing.

Very few said competition standard, and slightly more don't bother to paint at all.

Here is the thing.  You don't have to paint at all.  It is a choice, but most of us do, and some will not seek opponents who never make an effort to at least try.  But we are always learning and it is better to try than not to bother.  Painting isn't easy, but it is a skill that can be learned.  Great painters are artists, but you do not need an artistic bone in your body to learn the craft of figure painting.

And aesthetically, even a badly painted force, is more of a courtesy to your opponent and looks better on the table than an unpainted force.

And your standard of painting, whatever it is, is fine.  You are good enough, and no one can criticise you for your efforts.  Improve for yourself if you wish to, but don't feel you must.

Even the best are still learning, and we all think its a chore sometimes.

But the results are worth it.



  1. Good survey and interesting results.

  2. Interesting results. Personally I'd go with "whatever makes you happy".

  3. Very nice. Results as expected.

  4. My response is: 'trying to improve each time'