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By Dawn's Misty Light - May 1720...


Ungray Pliskie, until recently farmland long occupied by Clementian citizens, now found itself in the hands of new Gebrovian masters.  Disproportionate responses to minor transgressions in the past year had led to the occupation of some 20 square miles of Clementian territory.

The region of Ungray Pliskie

Of course the very name of the territory itself suggests old affiliations to Gebrovia, and in high offices, the great and the good approved of the occupation in the Gebrovian capital, despite the action officially having no national sanction.  The perceived weakness of the Clementians was seen as making the taking of the rich lands as a fate d'accomplis;  this was not, as it transpired, a shared opinion for the injured party.

Initial dispositions.  The Gebrovians at this time unaware of the threat
Clementia amassed a battalion of men on the highway to Pliskie, arriving in the pre-dawn light in force.  The Gebrovians had similar numbers dispersed around a major crossroads, and billeted for the night with only small piquets deployed for security.

The Clementians brought forth a significant infantry force, steeling throgh the meadows in the dark.

Whilst their foe, maintained a dozy watch.

Suddenly the gloaming erupted into fire and fury, whilst Clementian Jaegers stole through the woodlands south of the crossroads, a Gebrovian camp was alerted to two companies of infantry advancing on its position.  Fire was given by both sides, stuttering with confusion from the guns of Gebrovia; never renowned for their accuracy or fire discipline.

Lt Izgnatia Plostnoy, fresh from his latest visit to a Gebrovian field hospital, and drunk from a night of fine brandy, rallied his horse to face the enemy, and charged into the rising sun.  Proving easy prey for the prepared Clementians and soon limping away from the battlefield with yet another flesh wound.
All seemed confusion in the Gebrovian line, but at this stage salvation arrived in the form of patrols fortuitously arriving behind and to the flanks of the enemy.

A section of the rightly feared Uscary Jaegers appeared on the Clementian flank, and stole upon their quarry.

Meanwhile, the Gebrovian centre formed rank and file and began to hold.

On the other flank, a company of infantry threatened the Clementine rear, forcing two companies to divert from the main attack to protect their artillery.  In a bloody melee the Clementians were thrown back.
But only for so long.  Yet by this stage the attack of the orange clad soldiers had lost its impetus

Everywhere the Gebrovians formed line and gave spirited defence. Whilst the Clementines melted away as the sun rose.
Although some clementine cavalry did seek to raid the Gebrovian camps, it was now little more than harassment.
And it was the Uscary Jaegers who had the final say, driving their hated foes from the woods at threat of bayonet point.
Be off with you!
Despite their unpreparedness, and some notable failings, the grit of Gebrovian infantry proved itself once more.  As accurate as enemy fire may be, the Gebrovians remained more willing to close range and engage the enemy in a bloody tussle for which the latter would seldom commit heart and soul to.

Thus emboldened, Gebrovia felt the divine right was with them, and made formal claim to the lands taken.  It was a small gain overall, scarcely a 10 mile front, but one that would sit as a thorn in the side of Clementia in days to come.

It would also stir national confidence to levels of hubris in Gebrovia; letters of marque being issued for a fleet of privateer vessels to sail under the Gebrovian flag.  Their aim being to raid Clementian commerce, and costal villages.  To sail round the cape would take some time, but the next move had been put in motion.

Being the third engament of our Imagi-Nations campaign, and a third straight victory for Gebrovia.  Thus cementing control of  Ungray Pliskie.  The rules once again were Rebels and Patriots.  As you presumably infer the next battle will be at sea.  This game actually ran several months ago, but I have been really off the boil so far as writing material up.  The next game has already been play though, so hopefully I can get back on top of it...


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