Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Back again

Well, been away a while, mainly because of holidays, but when I have tried to log on I've been frustrated by the Blogger update.

A work around has finally got me sorted again.

So lately it's all been about my other passion of Snowboarding, but that doesn't sit well in a wargames blog really. In the last few weeks though, I have managed a game of 40K; In which my Marines were well and truly robbed by a sneaky Tyranid force.

The painting has been limited; though I've (finally) made a start on my 28mm WW2 left overs; partly in response to a painting challenge on the Warhammer.org forum:

It turns out that Germans are a good test for Acrylics, allowing me to get to grips with layering and blending on a fairly straight-forward palette.

Additionally there have been more 15mm English Civil War troops streaming off the painting table; I guess another 75 troops since January.

Lastly this chap was gifted me by Andrej of Slovenia, in a miniature exchange on Warhammer.org (I produced a fine Wizard for someone else):

As a result there are 16 half painted Vikings sat on my desk too. None of which are likely to be finished until Easter, as it's time to go away again in a few days!

Busy, busy, busy...