Thursday, November 25, 2021

And now for something Completely Different



Yes, I got cajoled into another side project.

James wanted to do another 15mm Project, one in pre-gunpowder times, and after a little too-ing and fro-ing, we settled on the Biblical Near-East, and the might of Assyria versus the rebellious confederation of Babylonian, Chaldean, and Median forces.  I got the latter team; prone to getting smashed for fifty years straight, but ultimately coming out on top.

Only 15mm he said, shouldn't take very long, he said.

Actually that was true.  Even with it only being a side hustle, I got my forces assembled and ready in just over four months:

Every nation under the sun!

The core infantry

Lydians and Cavalry

Chariots, obviously

All told it's a little over 200 pieces completed.

We've elected to stick with Hail Caesar, and each base will represent a single unit, with numbers of models further identifying small, standard or large units.  The only real exceptions being that 4-horse chariots need a big ol'e base all to themselves, and to get the impression of a phalanx over without destroying every spear tip, I put the Lydians in three ranks rather than two on a cavalry sized base.

I even knocked up a couple of regionally appropriate houses.


Illustrations for the period show a mix of courtyarded buildings, and flat roofed houses with what appears to be reed thatch and a slight lean to the walls.  So I replicated one of each, more than enough for a typically barren ancients battlefield.  The courtyarded building has enough roof space for a standard infantry base.  The hut roof is made from cheap bandage soaked in watered down PVA!

As to the minis, well it may be 15mm, and a quick paint job, but I still indulged in some detailing and fancy effects.  This unit of spearmen includes some rough blending on the shields for example.

And daisies!

All the models are Essex Miniatures.  Solid stuff, and they cover everything you need.

Our first battle is actually scheduled for Early next month, so maybe we'll see pictures of both sides soon too.  It's going to be a mid-sized game, but I can already imagine expanding my forces to a more old-school sensibility.  I'm wondering if two bases per unit wouldn't be more appropriate....

Jeez, will the hoarding never stop?!



  1. Super looking army! What are the figure differences between Neo-Assyrians and Neo-Babylonians? Are the core figures interchangeable?

    1. The second-line troops are probably all interchangeable. The Assyrian mainline troops wear more armour and favour larger round shields over tower shields. But probably 80% of my force could be recruited to an Assyrian army and not raise any eyebrows.