Wednesday, July 21, 2021

40k? Okay, just the one...


This is what happens when I buy random models on impulse...

Grim, dark...

The full story is obviously a bit more involved; the Instagram thing has inspired me to keep pushing the painting, but also to diversify, picking whatever I fancy to paint alongside the army building.  This Nurgle Death Guard came in a semi random box, and turned out ideal as a subject for a 'grimdark' painting challenge on one of my Discord's.

I picked up a ruined Rhino model from a 3D print and built up a little trench warfare diorama.  Lots of little details.  The paint job is done with a Zorn Palette; that is to say, other than the metallics and weathering effects, only four paints were used: a black, white, red, and a yellow.  You can get a remarkable range from just those, and minimising the Palette really adheres to the aesthetic.  There are obviously no blue tones on the Chaos Marine, but this can be worked with.

The destroyed Rhino also uses extensive chipping effects, and then most everything got several layers of oil, enamel and acrylic washes, in varying volumes.

A Really enjoyable diversion, but not one that'll go any further than the display shelf.


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