Sunday, February 17, 2019

Boduria Marches Forth

So, stage one of the Bodurian Project is finished. It may appear this was a lightning fast effort, but in truth assembly of the models began in August last year and painting began in late November; still, not bad going.

Whilst scouts and cavalry can perform many functions, it is infantry that are the backbone of any Musket armed army.  The Bodurians are no exception, and so the 1st Company of the 1st Regiment of Bodurian Fusiliers appears here.

Under a Company Standard


Salts of the Earth
 Such troops form the bulk of the army, and are a mix of Volunteer officers and NCO's and conscripts.  Pay is good in the army, but longevity less so, so recruitment can be an issue without drillmasters touring the nation.

These are models straight from the Perry Russian set.  The standard is my own efforts in MS Paint, with additional text added by hand in Russian.

Leading the Regiment is famed commander, and favourite of the Emperor, Valentin Kornishon; riding his enormous dire wolf mount, Otmshcheniye.


 The figure here is a mix of Perry cavalry parts and a cloak from the Fireforge Knights set.  The wolf is a Games Workshop Space Wolves miniature, that needed a degree of reworking to look natural, but is in an incredibly dynamic pose.

And so I have a full 24 points of Dragon Rampant 'Napoleonics'.

A reconnaissance force
These comprise, roughly:

  • Elite Rider Reduced Model Unit, in Command
  • Elite Infantry with Wizardling
  • Heavy Shooters
  • Scouts
  • Heavy Riders

I also have models waiting for two more units of shooters, and two other - rather more idiosyncratic - units.

But for now this is a project I can tick off as complete.

I best try to get them to the table at some point...


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